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Cancer Survivor and Supportive Care

At Dignity Health – Cancer Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, we have supportive care ready for every patient at every stage of your cancer journey, from diagnosis through treatment. We provide you with emotional, physical, and spiritual support through survivorship. We’re here to help you strengthen your body, nurture hope, and enrich your spirit. Additionally, we recognize that the cancer experience does not end after the conclusion of intensive cancer therapy, because some cancer-related issues can continue for years after treatment. That’s why in addition to supportive care, we also have educational workshops, and we offer a host of support groups.

When Is Survivorship And Supportive Care Needed

As one of the few centers with a dedicated Supportive Care Program, Dignity Health – Cancer Institute at St. Joseph’s has a team dedicated to providing support for patients and caregivers. We evaluate our patients to assess their mobility, function, pain, and even their support system at home. As a part of their complete workup we’re able to determine if they need support and assistance associated with:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Lack of mobility
  • Balance issues or falls
  • Neuropathy
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Lymphedema
  • Shortness of breath

What Are The Benefits Of Survivorship And Supportive Care

By working with our expert clinical support team our patients have positive experiences that sometimes provide significant improvements very quickly. Our supportive care program can help with:

  • Maintenance of lifestyle and function
  • Increased mobility
  • Reduction of pain or cancer pain management
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduction of symptoms from treatment
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Improved mood and sociability
  • Ability to reach patient goals
  • Adjusting to side effects
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Patients of Dignity Health – Cancer Institute at St. Joseph’s know they are receiving precision medicine from a multidisciplinary team of experienced cancer experts.

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