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Specializes in Genetic Counseling

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Karen Dirrigl, MS, is a Genetic Counselor for Dignity Health Cancer Institute. Karen’s expertise includes pedigree analysis and risk assessment. She works with patients to determine their risk for cancer, including melanoma and hepatobiliary cancer, based on their unique health and family histories. Karen’s goal is to support informed decision making and coping for those determined to be at risk for cancer after genetic testing. For women dealing with breast cancer, her goal is to help them achieve greater breast health. For men coping with prostate cancer, her goal is to counsel them toward better overall health.

I strive to treat our patients with the same care, consideration, compassion and respect that I would show to my family and friends. Our patients have to deal with, and navigate through, a very scary path. By listening to their unique perspective and how they feel, I can provide guidance and reassurance by correcting misconceptions and explaining the most appropriate options for them.”

Karen Dirrigl, MS
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