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Refer A Patient

We’ve made referring a patient simple and fast. Physicians, their practice manager or referral staff may refer a patient using our online referral platform or by fax. We value your referral and will keep you abreast of your patient’s care throughout the entire process.

You can submit referrals through one of two ways – online or fax.

Online or Fax Submission

Online submission using the Online Referral Management System. This portal is for physicians and their referral staff. You must be a registered user.

Online Referral Management System

Users of the Online Referral Account have access to:

  • Better care coordination
  • Reliable referral workflow
  • Insurance plan alignment
  • Increased patient and provider engagement

Alternate Option: Fax patient referral documents to 602.604.4722.

Email referral documents here. Please be sure to include all materials.

This referral management tool is designed to align clinical providers with referring providers and their staff (referral coordinators, medical assistants and practice managers) with a workflow that makes referring patients to specialists easy and reliable.

After a referral is submitted, the referring practice will be notified of referral receipt and next steps needed to complete the pre-registration and scheduling process. It is always a good idea to supply us with any and all pathology and lab materials in advance of the patient’s scheduled evaluation. We value our relationship with referring physicians and will provide a written report of our findings and recommendations. Additionally, providers are kept informed of routine treatment and prognosis. For more information on referring patients, call 602.406.8222.